View Full Version : Change between pedal and hand throttle?

15-01-2018, 17:01
Hi there.

First time project cars player here.

Me and some friends are planning on doing a 24hours lemans race. 10 teams at 3 members each.

We are using Ps4 pro and logitech G29 driving force wheels and pedals.

But we are runing into a small problem.

The 3. Member of my team is in a wheelchair, broken back at an motorcycle trackday last year btw.

So we need to switch from using the gas and brake pedals to hand brake and trottle at the steering wheel, during a race. At an pitstop when we are switching drivers.

Is this possible?

Thanks, Steffen from Denmark.

18-01-2018, 17:13
Yes this is possible I was waiting for new pedel set last year and used the paddle shifters on the wheel as gas and brake. You would obviously need to change this in the configuration set up screen and switch to auto gears or map gears to other buttons as a work around