View Full Version : Trying to find info about broadcaster and race director in championship mode

16-01-2018, 05:01
Ive set up a little racing league between my friends and trying to figure out this broadcast mode out, cant find much info on how it works and what to do, like does the broadcaster need to not be racing in the championship?

any links on how to use this function and the race director function would be great, ive searched thru all the pages of the multiplayer section and havent found anything.


16-01-2018, 09:50
the director and broadcaster are not racing.
the broadcaster unfortuntaely is just a client w/o any rights, just a broadcast PC with optimised view.
All that you can view on his screen is controled by racedirector on a screen looking like in spectatormode.
So if you like to stream a nice looking race w/o that annoying spectatormode look and feel, you have to buy a 2nd PC and a 2nd pCARS2 license.

17-01-2018, 01:19
oh i see, thanks for clearing that up. would be nice to have.