View Full Version : Inherited lobby and all cars become the the same

17-01-2018, 16:37
Whenever I inherit a lobby as soon as I change the track everyone is put into an Acura NSX no matter what the previous car class was. And no matter what I do it seems I'm limited to any road car (as host) and whatever I pick everyone else is forced into the same car. What am I doing wrong?

17-01-2018, 17:06
You are not doing anything wrong. It’s a bug that has been around for some time now.

17-01-2018, 21:39
we can really hope that SMS does look into all this "things changing when host changes and so on".

it's not only what OP says, but also other strange things happen on my side:

- even if i've setup favorite lobby settings and choosing them
- i can never be sure that they are the same as last time
- all different kind of settings change if you do the following

--> Create a own lobby and make all roules and stuff ON
--> Safe that as a Favorite
--> Leave it
--> Join any of the "not so sim racer like lobbies"
--> Race for a while in qualy or whatever
--> Leave
--> Create new Lobby from your Favorite

----> Do you still have your favorite settings or does it overtake them from the "not so sim...lobby" from before like on my side?