View Full Version : Touring Car League West Europe

18-01-2018, 15:38
Along with some friends im trying to set up a Touring Car league on thursday nights starting around 7.00 am GMT.
So far we are with 7 touring car enthousiasts, and tonight were doing a testcase.

sessions wil be 2 'short' races (30min.each) a night both including 20 min practice and 10 min qualifying.
Every assist, fuel, tires and damage set to real. at first we wont implement weather effects due to some flaws that still exist, we will however do day/night transitions on some races. On the penalty side were not yet sure what to do, but i think at this stage we still prefer no penalties when everyone in the lobby is clean and fair.
All TC cars are approved.

Our idea is simple... have a lot of fun in a clean and fair touring car competition. to achieve this we will set up a PS4 community, wich will make communicating easier.
further details will be available from the online championship function in-game.
So far there's 6 racers from the Netherlands and 2 from england. obviously anyone can join from western europe, but main communication language will be english.
its allready a mixed bunch of guys, some experienced real life racecar drivers as well as sim race rookies, so anyone is welcome as long as its fair fun and clean.
As mentioned we will start tonight as a testcase starting at red bull ring short and after that it will be a same lenght session at bathurst.

if interested let me know in this thread or just join tonight: PSN: Djuvinile or PSN: Pewi60