View Full Version : Mandatory Pit Stop on dedicated server.

19-01-2018, 12:12
Hi all.

I have set up a dedicated server but I have one problem and that is getting the thing to turn on Mandatory Pit stops.

It is being edited in the server.cfg, I'm not bothering with the SMS rotate and has been disabled.

The part of code is in the right place I just believe I havn't got the correct syntax.

A snippet of the code and it's position:-

//Manually drive in pit stops.
//OFF = 0
//On = 2
"ManualPitStops" : 2,

//Forcing Pit Stops.
"RaceMandatoryPitStops" : 1,

// Camera view allowed.
//Any = 0
//CockpitHelmet = 2
"AllowedViews" : 2,

I've tried using 0 and 2 but no matter what, Mandatory Pit Stops will not turn on.

Hope someone can help, cheers.

24-01-2018, 23:37