View Full Version : Automatic transmission/Fuel bug

20-01-2018, 02:16
Hello everyone I have project cars 2 on the PS4 recently I have run into a puzzling problem and I need some help.
1. In racing online or in the regular game in any car I pick the car won't shift out of 1st gear at all and sometimes the transmission goes nuts shifting from 1st to 7th then nutral and it won't stop.
2. When I call for a pit stop for tires the game takes all of the fuel out of the car and leaves only one gallon of fuel.
Need help please!

20-01-2018, 15:48
I figured it out somehow the game system data got corrupted so I deleted it and the game and reloaded everything hopefully this fixed the issue

21-01-2018, 22:10
EDIT: -- obsolete

23-01-2018, 01:07
What do you mean by obsolete?

23-01-2018, 20:11
i wrote an answer to post 1, then posted, then read post 2 and saw the he found the solution.
So my post, assuming another cause, was obsolete.