View Full Version : Multiplayer Bugs - Mostly synch w/ client problems

20-01-2018, 20:53

We are enjoying Project Cars 2 on PC (steam). However we are running into some really annoying bugs that seem like they should have been caught by now.

1) Multiplayer menu does not synch for clients after the host changes a setting (like track or car class)
Priority: HIGH
To repro:
a) Host a custom game lobby that has other player clients connected
b) Host changes track or changes to a different car/car class
c) Clients do not see the newly selected track and/or clients do not see the newly selected car.
The ONLY way for clients to be able to see changes is for them to leave the lobby and come back. This is extremely annoying and a huge oversight in your UI/multiplayer code. PLEASE FIX THIS.

2) Multiplayer - Host doesn’t register that cars have finished the race
Priority: LOW
To repro:
a) Finish a multiplayer game. Host must win or at least not be last
b) While waiting for other players to finish: You will never see the other clients or AI status become “FINISHED”. This causes the game to sit through the entire end game countdown. Clients also don’t see anyone’s status turn to finished who place after the client. You can only see users that placed in front of you turn to finished.
This more annoying than anything, but stems back to the core problem with multiplayer that he game DOES NOT SYNCH properly between host and clients..

3) Multiplayer Results Grid shows different (incorrect) information for some players
Priority: Medium
This bug is not consistent but definitely happens fairly often. It’s hard to verify unless you are in direct communication with other players and they are vocalizing what their UI says.
To repro:
a) Finish a multiplayer race
b) Compare the results with other players. Ie: who finished 1st, 2nd, 3rd.
Often times one of the players will show completely different information about who placed 1st (for example). Since the result of a race is ultimately the point of the game, this is more than an annoyance IMHO.

4) Multiplayer Results Grid - Penalties do not appear in the correct row
Priority: LOW
To repro:
a) Finish a multiplayer race where one of the players has enough penalties to move them down in the race results. (ie: finish 1st, but in the results you are 10th because of penalties.)
b) observe the penalties still appear in the first row with the new 1st place player and the person moved to 10th does not show penalties. I don’t know if this happens for all player’s UI or not, but definitely happens for some of them.

Please patch this game!