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21-01-2018, 02:04
I've recently been having some fun running timed custom races against the AI but today I came across a weird problem. The whole race ran smoothly and I looked set to finish 3rd in my class but after crossing the line after the timer counted down to 0:00 I wasn't met with the race over screen. I figured it was just a case of the game running to the rule where the race ends after the leader in the top class crosses the line so I carried on for 1 more lap (this was the first time I'd run one where the class I was running in wasn't the top class in the race). Coming around the final corner I suddenly noticed that all the other cars were filing into the pit lane as if they'd just completed a cool down lap. Being too committed to my line to follow them in I drove across the finish line and was then met with the normal completed race screens. As the results screen appeared I noticed I'd suddenly jumped to the lead of my class and past several other cars, obviously as a result of them slowing to enter the pit lane.

This seems like a very strange issue and really soured me on what was to that point a very enjoyable race. It seems like either that final lap is a cool down lap, in which case the results should be frozen when each car crosses the line after 0:00 or the AI shouldn't be programmed to enter the pits when they have 'finished' the race.

Anyone else noticed this problem or can suggest a solution?

kevin kirk
21-01-2018, 05:18
I just had a race at daytona and even though i crossed the finish line after 000, We still had to do one more lap. Expect for me the AI keep racing along with me that extra lap. I just thought it was something about the rules since in my hundreds of hour playing the game it was the first time that extra lap happened.

21-01-2018, 06:39
Interesting. My race was also at Daytona so maybe a possible bug with that specific track? The AI ran at race pace for that entire extra lap for me up until the pit lane entry where they all pulled in.