View Full Version : GT3 - Ferrari starts to understeer a lot after few laps

21-01-2018, 11:34

I need some help, I'm not sure if it's setup related, or some kind of bug maybe, or problem with my controller.... my guess it's setup.

Yesterday I had a longer 8+ race on Nurburgring and later on on Monza. On both after 6+ laps (I've pitted with new tyres) I started to understeer a lot in medium and fast corners. I had to turn my wheel twice as much as normal to just turn in no matter if I slowed down much more than usual. Very slow corners or chicane felt normal to me (but on Nurburg I had to turn wheel more).

I'm using a TT setups with only fuel changed and radiator. My controller is G25.

Any help much appreciated.

21-01-2018, 12:33
You say after you pitted it changed the cars handling my guess would be different tire pressures are set up in your pit strategy that differ from race set up this would definitely have an impact

21-01-2018, 12:53
OK, that could be the case for Monza, I will have to check the strategy for ferrari

But in Nurbirg I actually pitted later, after car started to loose grip and changing tyres didn't help, I had to turn the wheel twice in fast corners, slow were ok.

21-01-2018, 12:53
You have to match your tuning and pit strategy pressures in the race ready screen.

23-01-2018, 19:43
It happens more and more, now starting even when I do not pit. I'm thinking its not setup related so must be a bug or controller problems (so far only game I have this problem)

After some laps yesterday it was 3rd lap I had to turn my wheel twice more to get my car turning, it actually improved the precision haha, but I was loosing time because of turning wheel in so many degrees.

Any other ideas than setup?

23-01-2018, 20:10
That is a setup issue.
Your tires became over-pressurised after a few laps leading to understeer.

23-01-2018, 20:24
Agreed but maybe I'm not describing it clearly enough. I think I might be having two separate issues here:
1. I get full grip but have to turn wheel twice more to turn
2. I loose grip so to compensate it I turn wheel more, but that's now how it should feel to me, maybe.... I'm still not sure.

23-01-2018, 22:28
I'd also be curious as to what tire compound you're using. Hards should be the go to on the GT3, unless there are cold track temps or running at night. If you are running softs, they may be getting above their intended temp range and not giving good grip.

28-01-2018, 11:55
I think I solved the problem with having to turn wheel twice more which felt like understeer most of time. As I'm playing windowed on 3 screens windows notification even when not poping up on screen screwed my controller settings somehow changing steering ratio.
Yestarday one accidently poped up and bum, steering ratio was wrong.

02-02-2018, 02:59
If you have understeer turning the wheel more will not help...It will actually increase the problem as you're trying to put more load on the tyre that is already complaining that it has to much. Decrease your steering and you'll regain some grip and turn more.