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21-01-2018, 11:03
I always like to compare Project CARS 2 to the real world, as we are trying to simulate real world physics. Having been blessed with some unexpected snow here in Brum, and having to take my daughter to a friends birthday party a few miles away I was not to bothered about venturing out.

My inner child and tests for science of course, caused me to take the opportunity to perform a few handbrake turns where it was safe to do so. Modern cars equipped with EBS and ESP are not quite rally cars of course, but a direct comparison between the two determined that in real life the handbrake can be applied for much longer, spins are more progressive and completely determined by speed and how much drag is caused by the car digging into the light snow, and the surface traction below*

In Project CARS 2, its more of a switch and how long you apply that switch to produce the desired effect. I have found that in the sim the handbrake is applied for a very very short amount of time, and the transition is a snap and can only be controlled by timing rather than feel.

Hopefully * is something that can be implemented for the next version. I know its been on the table and understand the restrictions thus far, but processor core count is rising, and I'd certainly invest in more ram to make this feature possible ;)

Mad Al
21-01-2018, 11:54
Few points..

are you using a fully analogue handbrake in PC2
have you tried adjusting the handbrake pressure in the setup to something less 100%
and lastly, are you looking to see how fast you are going in game compared to real life

22-01-2018, 18:01
No analogue handbrake just yet, or a full time setup, that will have to be in my next house.
I am using a button setup on the wheel.

Yes I did a rough comparison in speed, I had watched my replays and when entering the hairpin and exit of the tunnel at the dirtfish track it was somewhere just above 30mph, in my car it may have been slightly less somewhere around 25mph, should have filmed it.

I was totally unaware that the handbrake pressure could be adjusted, should know better really :) . I’ll have a play around with it as in game it’s too aggressive. I also felt in game it’s a fluid motion, at no point does it seem like there is any drag involved.

Thanks for the point in the right direction.

22-01-2018, 19:13
When you use a button as a handbrake it apply 100% instantly, you need an analog handbrake to get progression.

22-01-2018, 20:50
Ye i'd love have the analogue with my setup. I have got to laff as going into the car setup right in front of you is handbrake force, how i missed that I do not know. If your not looking for something you do not know its there. I have found for me knocking the adjustment down to between 10- 30% depending on car is giving me the expected feel and speed of rotation.

Thanks for the help, now all I have to do is work out whats caused my fps to suddenly stick between 38-45, pc's give so much, but take so much time away i just want to drive.

22-01-2018, 23:45
Well this turned out to be a weird night. After changing graphics settings and reinstalling drivers and still stuck at very low frames per second, after multiple shutdowns and reboots, I changed the track and da dar problem went away. Wild goose chase few a few hours oh the pain.

Then the joy and getting carried away till the early hours racing round the dirtfish track :)

David Slute
23-01-2018, 06:46
Ive really been enjoying the rally x in pc2....bought my self a ebrake but didnt get an analog one :(

Several rally x tracks need some serious optimization as fps plummeth during clear weather and are even worse with overcast/rain weather.

At first it felt a bit off like you mentioned with the quick snap reaction than. I got use to it pretty quickly and to be honest the only times I really use it is for slow hairpins.

Watching several FIA WRX onboard videos I noticed the drivers 99% of time just do a quick pull of the ebrake...sometimes several quick jabs just to get the car to rotate than there back on the gass. Very rarely do they hold the ebrake for very long.

I live in the rocky mountains of canada with lots of snow and play alot in the back country with my jeep.
Very rarely have I ever found myself pulling the ebrake for more than a second or 2 before releasing it.....unless I do a slide to stop.

More or less I just engage it quickly to get the rear to kick out than I use throttle and steering inputs to finnish the slide and excel out.
From my experience holding the ebrake through out a slide on snow with loose surface under neath usually causes the vehicle to bog down.

Just my .02 :)

23-01-2018, 09:44
Hi David you are absolutely spot on about the hand brake use, I should have explained that I was not racing just driving for fun. Messing around with the new autocross style vechicles from the fun car pack. I was trying to perfect the art of using the handbrake to get big angles and then 4 wheel drift around the corners.

In racing I prefer the car to be that loose that the direction can be controlled on the throttle. No idea what caused it to bum out last night, normally I get a very good FPS and don’t have a problem. Wrx tracks are a harder hit on the graphics due to more things to render. I Adjusted my graphics settings so that I had good FPS in the worst weather.