View Full Version : Is a fog affecting grip?

22-01-2018, 12:07
Yesterday I had great MP race on COTA GP with changeable whether and time of day (from 15pm to 11am, x10)
When The Sun started to rise the fog came. Regardless increase of temperature I was experiencing less grip. My lap times dropped even by 3 sec, before I managed what happened and adapted by adjusting driving style.

Is it really simulated this way, that a fog comes with more humidity which affects grip? If so, then big thumb up to SMS for good job (Yeah I know it's my the first positive post on this forum)

22-01-2018, 14:10
Fog is moisture. Moisture affects grip.

Edit: I posted this before I read your entire post and saw that you already mentioned that point. I should probably read the entire posts before I make some cheap comment.