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22-01-2018, 17:21
I'm looking to finally start Career mode and have a quick question. If my end goal is racing GTE should I be racing in the series that has GT3 in the lower tier? I'm guessing that is probably the case but just wanted to make sure. In Project Cars 1 there were all sorts of resources/spreadsheets for people looking for information like this, but not so much on PC2. Thanks for any help.

22-01-2018, 17:25
Winning the championship of a certain tier lets you move to any other championship of that same tier, or any of the championships one tier up. So you don't have to specifically win the GT3 championship to move on to GTE.

22-01-2018, 17:26
you can start anywhere you want (of the lower tiers) and make it to GTE.
There are no limited contract offers like in PC1. You just pick your next level and whatever car you want.

22-01-2018, 18:08
It's not like you have a wide range of series that run GTE anyway... Enjoy every tier you go through, choose the series you like, then go for the global endurance trophy in tier 1, the only series with GTE in it.