View Full Version : Does Project Cars Work with Windows Mixed Reality Headsets

23-01-2018, 08:53
Hi all,

I am new to the forums, and only been dabbling on Project cars. I am looking to invest in VR and cannot decided between going down the Oculus root or go with one of the Windows Mixed Reality headsets. On paper the WMR headsets have a higher resolution so should give me a better experience, but I know that resolution isn't the be all and end all when it comes to experience. Do any of you good people know if the WMR headsets work on PCars for starters and if they are better or worse the Oculus Rift?

Thanks for reading

19-07-2018, 22:53
I know this response will be a little late in the day but it works fantastic well now with the latest WMR updates. If only someone could make some kind of sharpening tool like the one for PC2, it would be perfect and well worth revisiting as a game.

20-07-2018, 03:16
Go Rift or Vive. System will struggle with the higher res HMD's. Get first party support with Oculus Home/Steam VR drivers. Pcars is simple as cake running Rift/Vive. ASW (Rift) is a massive plus for sim racing. You can compensate the lower resolution with SS settings and sharpening settings using Rift/Vive.