View Full Version : Was the fact that LiveTrack3.0 is broken known before release?

25-01-2018, 23:53
FWIW, this was brought up internally a while before release. Apparently, the data volume required for keeping things 100% in sync is only feasible within the latency (and CPU) constraints on a local area network with a dedicated server handling the state.

LT3.0 is a really cool piece of tech, but it is arguably somewhat ahead of its time...

Is there any validity to this post? I surely hope not but under the circumstances it sure makes sense. This basically is an acknowledgment that they knew it was broke before the release and that it was never going to work properly on consoles but sold it anyway. I sure wish the dev's would explain why they won't comment on this subject and what they plan to do about it if this isn't true. I love the game but there are a lot of us who feel taken that were sold a game that dev's knew was never going to work properly based on the amount of problems and the amount of resources the game required to operate.

26-01-2018, 06:54
It was detected in the online test races before launch. I personaly reported this issue in the development forum.
They told us, that it will fixed soon, as many other things that were fixed, but this problem is probably being harder than they expect.

26-01-2018, 07:57
Please define "broken" with specifics.

26-01-2018, 08:03
From what I have read, the weather does not sync correctly for all players. For some it might start earlier to rain for some later.
Didn't really notice it though. I'll have to check this in our league races.
Don't know if the issue goes as far as the dedicated server issue with the weather, where it could snow for some and for others it could be sunny the whole race.

26-01-2018, 08:05
I think the main problem here is, that the weather buildup isn't perfectly synced which leads to different track conditions and eventually, different laptimes. For some it takes a few laps longer to get wet for example.

26-01-2018, 08:06
Thread closed, a discussion like this is not going to contribute to game or forum in any way.