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26-01-2018, 14:41
Yesterday in a race I was behind one player that has a 12” penalty in my hud. I don't push hard, because I don't have any penalty, so I finished the race 4” behind him expecting be in front of him by 8 seconds. But in the results screen, I was still behind by 2". He told me that his penalty was only 2”, and that’s why he was ahead of me. We captured the results screen and some of us saw that he has 12” penalty (the same as I've seen during the race), and others 2”, but the penalty really applied was 2”. So we can think that the real penalty is what each player see for himself in the hud, but it isn't. The 4th player also received a 23” penalty during the race (shown by himself in his hud during the race, others saw 3"), but in the results, he only was penalized with 3” (he still was seeing 23" in results). He was wieving a wrong penalty during the race or the penalty wasn't correctly applied. Thats the major problem, we don't know...

So ATM we can’t trust in any information about penalties received during the race. Even, your own penalties could be wrong. At the end of the race everything can change in the screen results. Any fight for position, could be useless by this issue, because you're receiving wrong information. In the example I could push to be easily under 2" barrier if I know, but I was relaxed thinking in the 12" margin that I was seen, but that wasn't real, or not?

Other issue, but not a big problem, the number of pit stops made, are also wrong. All of us stopped 1 time, and in the list, there are players who didn’t stop. And the list of players who didn’t stop is different in the results screen of different players as you can see in the captures. Anyway that indicates that there're other sync issue in multiplayer, furthermore the LT.

This outsync penalties, will produce terrible headaches to the community managers and many controversies between the players, because nobody knows what is the correct penalty.

Hope it could be fixed, because it could be a nightmare in serious competitions.


The first capture is from the server of the lobby and looks that the penalties recorded in his machine, was that was applied in the results for all the players. But the rest of us, saw different penalties during the race and in the results screen. The order of the players is the same for all players, but penalties and stops are different for each of us. I don't know in this example, if the 12" penalty wasn't well applied, or a 2" penalty was incorrectly shown as 12" for some players. Anyway, it looks (not confirmed) that the server has the advantage that he is the only one who knows the penalties that is going to be applied (real or not).

26-01-2018, 16:19

27-01-2018, 03:36
I believe I had similar issue tonight, I have to review my vide to make sure I am not just imagining it... but as far as I know I was like 1.5 seconds behind a guy who had a 2 second penalty and yet I lost.