View Full Version : Re: Strange/Non standard gearing

27-01-2018, 15:29
I ran into this issue for the first time myself recently online in the Aston GTE when trying to alter the gearing, ended up with gearing that topped out at ~243kmh which wasn't ideal at Sakitto GP. Had seen other posts about this issue but they all seem a bit random and not readily reproducible.

So went offline to see just what gearing I had and came across an issue that is reproducible and applies to other cars too and that is 'phantom' final drive ratios that are always selectable (i.e. they don't sometimes appear then disappear for no reason) but don't actually do what they should.

For the Aston there are 3 final drive ratios:-
3.556 - works as expected
3.232 - gives same results as the 2.909 ratio
2.909 - works as expected

Ginetta GT4 is another example it has 5 selectable final drive ratios but only 3 of them work as expected:-
4.193 - works as expected
3.865 - works as expected
3.727 - gives results expected from the 3.594 ratio
3.594 - gives same results as the 3.313 ratio
3.313 - works as expected

Formula X - the 2 longest final drive ratios give the same results, haven't tested to see which one's actually the 'phantom' ratio.

I've no idea if this is connected to the random strange ratios people sometimes see but having settings showing that don't actually do what they should isn't good.