View Full Version : AI keeps crashing into me at start of race

27-01-2018, 15:38
Sorry if this has been posted before but all research I did on topics stating the words crash were about the game crashing. I failed to find any about the issue I have.

Starting at aggression 30 and AI difficulty 30-40, I can't seem to get up to accelerate fast enough to not have the AI cars behind me crash into me. I already tried various techniques, revving the engine up to the ideal point while holding the clutch and releasing at the green lights. Revving the engine and putting the first gear when green. I always keep having the AI crash into me. How is it possible for the AI to accelerate this fast without spinning out? Am I failing to see something here? If someone could redirect me to some info or article/video about this, it would be great. I don't want to lower the AI settings because it's at an ideal point for me where it stays just challenging enough without being too hard.

27-01-2018, 16:31
I've noticed that too on some tracks. It must be some sort of AI bug.

27-01-2018, 17:11
You have this for one specific car or have you tried other class?

27-01-2018, 17:46
Well at the moment I encounter the issue while playing races in the Sportscar light division with my Radical SR8-RX. In wet or icy conditions however it’s an issue with almost all car classes

27-01-2018, 18:03
Was asking because I haven't met this behaviour yet, and starting races by releasing clutch in 1st gear just like you. I have no experience at all in the class you mentioned, gonna try, but surely some more knowledgeable will reply to you meanwhile.

27-01-2018, 18:28
I also had this a few times, what you can do is move a little bit to the middle when you start so he doesn't run into you and always check your mirror at the start.

27-01-2018, 18:39
Yes just tried and that's what I've done, going quickly in the middle of the road, plus I pushed throttle half way, and released the cluch halfway then full with adjusting throttle to limit spinning at my best.
Wow that was very different from my Formula Rookie, liked it!

Edit: may be you can also play with traction control, I have it off, but some might help here

27-01-2018, 19:14
Yeah good idea, I will try that. I’ll also fiddle a bit the agression level perhaps...

27-01-2018, 19:25
ive already posted about his issue and so far i have found nothing to fix it. for my its the front wheel touring cars and all the rally cross cars that i notice it.

27-01-2018, 19:49
For me it's the opposite. I can be mid grid and be first by turn 1, at 110% difficulty and 50 aggression. Formula rookie and ginetta so far. Stopped playing career because it's made qualifying a bit pointless and breaks the immersion for me. H shifter with g920 wheel and pedals, no auto clutch on the rookie.

27-01-2018, 20:52
For me it's the opposite. I can be mid grid and be first by turn 1, at 110% difficulty and 50 aggression. Formula rookie and ginetta so far.

Yea very easy start with FR, so I lift off a bit to keep my place in the pack if I want more challenge in T1 and the whole race.