View Full Version : it keeps raining in my dedicated server

30-01-2018, 02:41
I've restarted it, started from scratch, done a fix that was supposed to fix the weather.. nothing.

no matter what i do, it always starts raining 1/2 way into a session, both qualy and race.

it ran for several days and didn't do this, i restarted it after changing rotation and suddenly it's raining.

the ONLY weather setting is for light cloud, and that doesn't even show up.

i'd be embarrassed to put out a product like this. seriously.

the core game is great.

the rest? shameful.

30-01-2018, 03:26
Using config files to adjust your server setup is wonky and results in a ton of bugs. Using DS control applets is also risky. There is a more reliable way.

SMS added the -selectds launch feature in patch 3 to replace the -searchds launch feature. Basically, it allows you to leverage the in game menu for setting up multiplayer session to establish a dedicated server and allows you to bypass most of the server config file or external API control interface drama. This method also allows for easy multi-class setups and anyone with the server password to establish a session. Provided you have added -selectds to your PCARS 2 launch options in Steam, the following procedure works 100% of the time:

1) In the config file, make sure the maximum players allowed matches the maximum number of players allowed for the track, that the controlGameSetup is set to false (to disable the sms_rotate_config.json file), and that ServerControlsTrack, ServerControlsVehicleClass, ServerControlsVehicle are all set to 0.
2) Restart the game if you have played in any other online lobbies in this session
3) Open the "create online event" menu and configure the lobby as desired. I recommend that the password for the lobby match the config file
4) Select "Start"
5) instead of launching a lobby as P2P, a menu of all active dedicated servers will appear. Choose your server from the list and enter the password from the config file
6) Your dedicated server lobby will open as configured.
7) Important-every player who joins must do so from a fresh game session if they have played in any other online lobbies or they risk bringing the weather from that lobby with them (but only for them). This is a known issue with weather failing to sync across player sessions, particularly in p2p lobbies. Players can bring weather with them.

The down side is that you cannot set up a P2P server if you have -selectds in your launch options.

30-01-2018, 05:08
thanks, i'm not sure if that's going to help with a rotation server i just plan to leave on though..

i can certainly use it for my scheduled races, and i'm assuming that once the race is over i can continue to control the server?

am I just out of luck for a persistent rotating dedicated server for the moment? the races all work with everything except weather which seems to randomly pick up settings from god knows where.

thanks for the help.

30-01-2018, 06:16
I have not had success with weather in the rotation file, but SMS has confirmed that some weather fixes are set for Patch 4. A fix for weather sync is confirmed, so at least all players will get the same weather. I hope that there is also a fix for the rotational file. Regardless, the -selectds workaround is viable for weather syncing for a single race at a time.

30-01-2018, 14:50
are you aware of any cfg file that works in rotating format ? i just don't want rain