View Full Version : Saturday night racing 9:30 CST (gmt-6)

31-01-2018, 16:41
This Saturday we're doing something a bit different in PCars 2 with a focus on multiple races keeping it to a rotation every thirty minutes or so.

we'll be doing the following (subject to change depending on who's attending)

90's touring cars @ Road America
F5 formula rookie @ Nurburgring GP short
Rx Lites at Laguna Seca
Lotus 49's at Monza Historic

All races will be 15 minute qualy, 15 minute race format
damage will be visual only
all rules and tire/fuel wear on

lobby will be restricted to B class safety, but i can invite you and override it if you mention below, add me on steam : bloozmahn and i'll throw you an invite in game!

we had a good run last weekend, let's keep it going with some variety and less focus on one big race. i'm open to running whatever the majority will want so let's do this!

lobby: CSR Saturday

don't forget we have a discord channel @ https://discordapp.com/invite/NUkD294

03-02-2018, 01:26

04-02-2018, 06:23
Great fun tonight from everyone!

had 3 successful races with fairly incident free running the whole night.

any suggestions on race format and car/track combos go ahead and talk about it.

Formula 5 was a blast, and the touring cars were also fun. RXlites were decent, but maybe a little too hard to handle?

i'll try and work something up for next week, but it will likely be friday if that's cool due to the DTM race on saturday.

thanks everybody for coming!