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31-01-2018, 21:52
For quite a while i was having issues with multiplayer and specifically hosting lobbies. i would start a lobby and get disconnected around a minute in or so. most of the time i would also have this issue just joining existing lobbies as well. i tried switching to wifi, rebooting everything, hard reset of router, dmz etc..

i decided to switch back to win 7 just to try as i really don't like win 10 despite trying very hard.
it's been a week+ and not a single disconnect.

I know not everyone with win10 has this issue, but i did extensive troubleshooting including trying a different nic, drivers, etc..
maybe a new install of win10 would have fixed it, i'm not sure. but for my system specs win7 just runs better overall. i had only upgraded it because oculus gives you grief for not having it, but now that i'm back to it it's all working fine. i know i'll have to switch when dx 12 gets more traction but for now i'm happy. i might try a dual boot with fresh 10 but that's in the future.

thought i'd share this "workaround" if you're having the same issues without resolution.

31-01-2018, 21:59
The versión of your Windows 10 was the "fall creators update" (1709)? Some users reported problems after the upgrade.

I'm still in 1703 with no issues and I'm avoiding the update...

31-01-2018, 22:34
yeah i updated it, doesn't it force them eventually ?

31-01-2018, 22:52
I disabled Windows Update after initial reports of issues (not only with PC2).

But it will help others if you can confirm that your connection problems began after the 1709 update. Probably some incorrectly updated driver could cause your issues. Other members of my computer had problems with the update, solved with a clean install.

01-02-2018, 21:13
yep. So many "not a problem on my side" for 1703 users.

The problem with any Win10 seasonal updates is, if you don't have an Office PC, then you get in trouble. Too many drivers and NOT MS software makes it unstable.
The most best solutions are not updating a good running system or a total reinstall with the latest OS.

01-02-2018, 21:58
i might try a clean install as a dual boot option, but frankly after wrestling with all this crap i'm happy to actually use the computer instead of working on it!