View Full Version : Broken (specific) car/ai/track combo.

31-01-2018, 23:49
Racing in career group c prototype. First race I noticed the ai/car combo seemed more challenging than all the other ai but I still got through pretty easily for pole and first place at 80% ai.

The second race at Imola the guy was insanely fast. I still managed 2nd in qualifying without too much effort so I moved on to the race. In the race hes a madman.

Car is Nissan GTP ZX-T (unlockable I guess, not usable by player in career) the track he was really insane was (so far) Imola and the AI drivers name is Michael Dew.

I could get into first at the first corner but after that he would stay on my bumper pushing me hard and often rear ending me into corners ruining my race. In one race that I thought was finally gonna be the wnd of the nightmare and I was going to beat him, on lap 18 of 20 I was attempting to lap my 5th car at the back of the pack and while I had to slow down being held up by 2 back markers he came flying into the corner at crazy speed, cut the corner by a mile and passed us both off track. I ended up over shooting the corner because I locked the brakes trying to avoid contact as he shot back intk the track then as I got all 4 back on the tarmac he slammed into me. (He had magically braked hard as he went flying all 4 through the grass cuttong the corner and then virtually stopped on the tarmac in front of me causing my lockup which put me back ahead of him.)

Since I was having so much trouble with him pushing so hard, after 2 days of trying I dropped ai all the way down to 60%. To my surprise he was still just as fast. He and I were running 1:35s to low 1:36s and the next car back was running fastest lap times of high 1:39s to low 1:40s, a full 4 seconds slower per lap. I eventually dropped the race length to 3 laps just to try and get through it and after just a 3 lap race he finished 0.5 seconds behind me with the 3rd place car a full 12 seconds back.

To quote my race engineer I love your work but please look into. :)