View Full Version : PS4 - who is in for some online racing

Killg0re NL
01-02-2018, 19:37
I miss, or couldnt find a section where you can setup adhoc races. Perhaps this might be a good thread for who's in for racing. Without the planning.

So now i am up for it (and mostly on wednesdays)

PSN: Killg0reNL

Main thing is just to have some clean fun, to drive arround in training and some nice races.

01-02-2018, 19:47
I'll add you later on PSN but I won't be on my PS4 for the next 1 week and a half. If you do usually have time on wednesdays then I suggest you look into marmite racing community.
They have races every wednesday at 20:30 GMT. They are always fun and clean as a whistle.
I joined them about 1 month ago and must say that the races I had with these guys have been the most fun I've had in this game yet.