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02-02-2018, 08:07
RIGDash is a FREE companion dashboard app available on the Google Play Store. Please head there and take a look.

Android 4.4+ (Smartphone or tablet)

I thought I would open this thread so if anyone wants to discuss the app they can.
I hope you will all give it a try. Got any requests post them up and I will see what I can do.

Key Features:
4 Layouts (so far):

One more suited to smaller smartphone screens and the others excellent on both.

Timing screen now added. Capture and scroll through your lap times.
Lap times details:

Current lap time is red if invalidated

Delta lap is against previous best

Rev bars and change light

Fuel percentage and estimated range (laps)

Engine and aero

Temps, wear and pressures

Temps and wear

Flags show over damage data/weather data (while active)

Ambient and track temperature

Voice Recognition:
Now has voice recognition available.
Change between layouts, reset timing screen and close the app all with speech commands.


12-02-2018, 20:41
Currently testing a new dashboard layout for RIGDash. Adding some extra data.
Tyre pressure (bar & psi), weather info and clutch position.
I will update this thread when it is available on the play store.

14-02-2018, 20:23
New features added.....

New Layout:
Added tyre pressures (bar & psi)
Ambient temperature
Track temperature
Clutch position

New layout picker
Enable/Disable pit limiter screen

04-03-2018, 13:23
New features coming soon. Currently being tested.

New timing screen:
Captures your laps times
Builds until you reset so you can scroll back through the data after an event(s)
Shows lap time, delta against best time, sector times
Highlights your fastest times green
Indicates invalidated laps

Voice Control:
My tablet dash is mounted directly in front of my SIM but just out of comfortable reach, so I am including some voice activation commands to make it easier
to switch layouts, reset timing screen and close the app without needing to touch the device. I hope this might be a useful feature for others. :cool:


13-03-2018, 17:10
New timing screen and voice recognition testing complete.
Features are now available in the app.

02-04-2018, 14:47
Version 1.5 has just gone live.
It includes language support for Dutch(nl), French(fr), German(de), Italian(it) and Spanish(es).
Also added a clock to all layouts so you know when its dinner time :cool:

22-04-2018, 09:12
New fuel range information now live.
Display options now available for fuel bar, percentage and estimated laps on fuel.

03-06-2018, 08:03
RIGDash will now run on devices running Android 4.0 upwards.
If you have any older devices kicking about you can now use them for RIGDash :cool:

New welcome screen added for a better new user experience.

06-06-2018, 06:50
RIGDash is now FREE to download.
Enjoy! :cool:

24-06-2018, 16:06
RIGDash v1.8 now available.
Fixes a crash some users may have seen.
Sorry for any inconvenience.

29-06-2018, 18:18
RIGDash was previously advertised as working on Android v4.0+. This introduced a lot of unexpected behaviour. Due to this, the minimum version requirement has been reverted to v4.4+
Apologies to those who have tried to run this on versions previous to 4.4.