View Full Version : Help with iPad n iPhone connections xbox1

03-02-2018, 00:26
Could not find a location for this info. Would greatly appreciate some help.

I would like to try and hook up my iPhone and iPad for telemetry info etc. But have no idea how to get it hooked up literally. I am using fanatec v2.5 xbox1 hub forza wheel and v3 Pedals. So what I need to know...is exactly how do I do this? And what apps do I need and do I download them to my xbox1 and the phone and iPad....and how exactly are they connected? Wifi....cables 🤔 so I can use some fine details if you guys could. I would sincerely appreciate it. 🤘using pc2 and asetto

03-02-2018, 03:01
I would recommend to download the app RS Dash (I can’t put a link but ther is a thread here in the forums for the app)

Your Xbox and iPad or iPhone (or both) need to be connected to the same WiFi connection.