View Full Version : Track Temperature to sustain snow

04-02-2018, 14:10
It looks to me that in order to have temperatures (Track & Ambient) to sustain snow, you must have a race date in the month of January.

I used Snetterton 100 to evaluate this. I had Winter season and Heavy Snow selected for all tests, and December and February showed Ambient and Track temperatures well above 32F and a wet track. January showed temperatures well into the teens or 20's and snow covered track.

Not a problem for me. It just needs to be known.

As I was sitting in a highly windowed room today with heavy snow coming down outside and about 8 inches accumulated. I was glad I did not have to drive anywhere, so a started Project Cars 2 to do a little snow driving, without wrecking my real vehicle.

Also coming up on Feb 10 at Road America.

08-02-2018, 15:25
I retract the above because I was not observant enough to notice that when I changed the date from Christmas week, the snow packed track got turned off.