View Full Version : Friday racing - Clean Sim Racing - 3 short races scheduled.

06-02-2018, 22:15
Let's keep it going with another event this friday the 9th in Pcars2

we'll do three races with the following combinations:

GT1 Class @ Donnington park
WRX Class @ Circuit of the Americas National
Vintage Prototype B Class @ Spa Historic Night into Day transition!!

All races will be 15 minute qualy, 15 minute race.
Ranking is on
rules are on, tire, fuel and realisitic driving aids are also on.

I'll likely keep track limits off as it wasn't too big an issue last time, and the in-game system is terrible at enforcement.
Lobby will be B safety rated, but i can invite you if you don't meet the requirements.
Lobby name will be: CSR Friday Racing

Don't forget to join the Discord channel !!


Hit me up if you want to join but don't meet the requirements, i can direct invite and override them.


09-02-2018, 07:09