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08-02-2018, 20:49
Hi all.
Been following and reading a lot of threads about dedicated server setups and (for now) got a (maybe) ok server running :)

My problem though is that I can't make the weather progression go faster.
It is changing to next weather slot, but it's in the last 2-3 minutes of a 15 min practise.

Anyone knows what else to change to make it "work faster" - have I missed something?

"PracticeDateProgression" : 22,
"PracticeWeatherProgression" : 5,
"PracticeWeatherSlots" : 4,
"PracticeWeatherSlot1" : "Clear",
"PracticeWeatherSlot2" : "MediumCloud",
"PracticeWeatherSlot3" : "Clear",
"PracticeWeatherSlot4" : "MediumCloud",

EDIT: Of course I've tried "30" as well but doesn't make any diff really.

I also have 4 slots in config.sys:

// Single weather slot set to "Weather_Clear1". See /api/list/enums/weather in HTTP API or globals "lists.enums.weather" or "Weather" in Lua API.
"RaceWeatherSlots" : 4,
"RaceWeatherSlot1" : -934211870,
"RaceWeatherSlot2" : 888299130,
"RaceWeatherSlot3" : -934211870,
"RaceWeatherSlot4" : -934211870,


08-02-2018, 21:22
consider yourself lucky it doesn't rain or snow. i'd leave it, things break for no apparent reason with DS.

08-02-2018, 21:29