View Full Version : Online championship mode - cant add driver after championship has started??

10-02-2018, 09:12
Hey Guys, ive got a late entry in our racing league and i swear you were able to add drivers in at any stage. seems you can now. has it always been like this? am i on drugs or am i doing something wrong?

10-02-2018, 14:07
No it is/was not possible. :(

We had to recreate the whole cup and adjust the points..... switched to dedicated password server now...

10-02-2018, 22:15
did this just happen after patch 4?

12-02-2018, 18:13
This was the first problem I ran into. In my opinion, adding drivers during the season is an essential feature. I'd like to be able to add replacement drivers, or for regular casual fun nights, add new people who'd like to join.

13-02-2018, 14:53
did this just happen after patch 4?

If i remember correctly... it was never possible to edit / add drivers. Only Cars and livery i think?

Would be cool in the future to edit this in running cup...

27-02-2018, 18:52
Sorry for polluting this thread, not sure whether thereīs some kind of master thread for online championships. I am useless on the forum search function, searching for "online championship" brings up about ten different threads all with the same topic more or less. So if there is a better place then please mods feel free to move this post.

Came here as I was looking for people reporting about the sychronisation of the championship settings. Last Saturday I started an OC and apart from one driver being disconnected at race start everything worked out pretty well. Only problem is that the OC settings didnīt synchronise with all other driverīs computers, they still canīt see the OC in their OC overview. So now I wonder whether this is a single issue with my OC or anybody else experiencing the same? Am I the only one?

30-03-2018, 08:20
Yesterday I set up an OC and when I tried to add my friends to the drivers list I found some strange behaviour. Normally when you hover the mouse over a friendīs name in your Steam Friends List it takes a few seconds (saying "synchronizing...") and then it shows the driverīs PC2 Driverīs License. With a few friends from my list (and even more odd: with myself!) I got this though:


Can anybody explain why that is and whether there are any problems to be expected or even more how I can solve this? Thanks.

EDIT: Sorry for posting a German screen shot. It says "Driver Network Profile couldnīt be synchronized".

30-03-2018, 14:58
I am seeing this message very often in time trial, it the screen where you can select a ghost from another player, you are also shown this player's profile, but as in your case this often fails with that error message. To my experience this is harmless, doesn't cause any trouble, it's just an annoyance.