View Full Version : RWB Racing International Open Event!

11-02-2018, 12:09
Hey guys and girls,

RWB Racing International will be hosting an open event on Saturday 17th February starting at 9pm.

The 1967 Belgian Grand Prix.


Car: Lotus type 49

Laps: 18

Qualifying: 20 minutes

Qualifying time: 9pm

Race Start: 9:20pm

Both the race and qualifying will take place at Midday on 18th June 1967

The weather will be Clear and Sunny and will match that of the exact race.

This is a one off event however if there is a good turn out and response I may look at doing the a couple more times on other historic tracks.

The race will roughly last 1 hour and will include a mandatory pit stop in which you must change all four of your tyres.

Please tune into out Discord Channel on the night. https://discord.gg/FTm9NR

Look forward to seeing you there.

RWB Racing International - http://rwb-racing.enjin.com/