View Full Version : GTE LE Mans Set UP Help

11-02-2018, 16:30
Can anyone assist me in making sure that I have my methodology correct as I seem to be off my usual pace and I might be overthinking set ups.

Starting with the standard SMS Stable, can you tell me what you would change to get a fast but not heavy on engine wear set up.


11-02-2018, 17:30
since Le Mans has such long straights, you can close the radiator and brake ducts pretty significantly. Also, less camber, less aero, and around 1.9bar for tire pressures (less rolling resistance).

Ride height as low as you can without scraping. Mulsanne is a bit bumpy so watch your telemetry screen.

11-02-2018, 21:49
Sort out your ratios so you're not riding the limiter down the straights.
You don't want to bounce of the limiter ever to preserve the engine.
Also closed radiator to maintain ~100℃ oil temp is fine.