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12-02-2018, 22:00

I'm currently taking a pretty thorough racing course and doing a lot of my training with Project Cars 2. I'm going over the Formula Rookie career again starting with the Asian Championship (Sugo GP is the first track). I'm taking in a lot of theory but I'm not yet used to identifying corners and apexing techniques properly. I'm using Z1 feedback to work on putting my finger on which turns I'm not nailing, and I think being able to look at good track guides would help me improve my lap times.

Any of you know about a great channel/website where a lot of tracks are covered/where I could find track maps with identified corner types?


12-02-2018, 22:02
There are tons of them on youtube. In particular look for the Driver61 channel. Also if you want to see track maps, go to racingcircuits.info.

12-02-2018, 23:00
Let me also add this in regard to when/where to apex turns. You almost always want to apex late. The exceptions are increasing radius turns that open up on exit like the Parabolica at Monza or the next-to-last turn at Algarve. Those you apex early and let the car drift out wide on exit.

13-02-2018, 00:48
Totally agree on Driver61. The onboard track guides have helped me a couple of times.

Really though, you're going to learn the most by just getting out there and seeing what works. Make sure you have the racing line turned off and you'll start to recognize corner types pretty quickly and know what you need to do. I'd also turn off the track map too so you're not relying on any other input than what you see and feel on the track.

You can setup a race and use the monitor and watch the AI's lines to give you a rough idea of things. You're better off just going out and relying on what feels right to you and then you can always watch the AI to confirm they aren't doing something drastically different. You can always crank up the AI skill and aggression too and they'll smash into you to tell you when you might not be taking the best line.

When you setup a long session with AI (or with humans), you'll also start to see the track getting rubbered-in and this will start to give you a visible line.

John Hargreaves
13-02-2018, 05:49
There's also a big difference between the fastest line you'd take for a good laptime, and the line you might take to set up an overtake two turns ahead. During a race if you are jostling close to the AI, you'll often be off the perfect line because your opponent is already there and he can't disappear.