View Full Version : [PS4] VIPR Fun Weekly Club Events - 5 Rounds - Sign Ups are now Open - Project CARS 2

13-02-2018, 05:37
Hi Guys,

Before we kick off with our 2018 V8 Supercars series. #VIPR have 5 coming Events on (PS4 - Project CARS 2). Any Drivers from around the world are welcome to join in with the fun. We have a lot of clean racers in our group and we always like to see new faces and new clean race drivers.

Each Event we will be racing in different race cars.
Round 1: WRX Cars
Round 2: Touring Cars
Round 3: Stockcars
Round 4: Group 5 Cars
Round 5: GT1 Cars

All times are in (AEDT)
Saturday Nights.
Room Opens: 8:00PM
Qualifying: 9:00PM
First Race takes place "weekly" from Saturday 24th of Feb.

All Information for these events can be seen and read here: https://vipracing.com.au/resources/vipr-club-events-for-2018-5-rounds.38/

FYI: If we don't get the numbers on PS4, we will probably move the events to PC. Let me know if you're interested thanks.

You're welcome to sign up to these racing events here, our forum or facebook.

On another note: We have prizes for our racing series and events throughout the year. If you're just starting out or a pro driver that is interested, you can contact us here, our Sim Racing Forum or Facebook.

We don't just race Project CARS 1 & 2 series, we also race other Sim games like GT Sport, iRacing etc, as long as we get the numbers.

You're also welcome to create your own series and events on our Forums.

Sim Racing Forum: https://vipracing.com.au/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VIPRSimRacers/


19-02-2018, 06:19
I've got pCars for both platforms but would love to play on PC if possible.

20-02-2018, 14:16
I've got pCars for both platforms but would love to play on PC if possible.

Good to know mate, thanks for the feedback. At this stage it looks like the fun events will be on PS4. I'll know for sure in a few days. But our next series will be on PC.

22-02-2018, 02:52