View Full Version : Best way for beginners to learn setups?

14-02-2018, 02:01
Just wondering what is the best way to learn setups? I've been watching Yorkie065's video's where he is going over all screens in the setup section. Very informative!

Is there a youtube video or webpage everyone has gone to when they started that most recommend for beginners? I've pieced to together some tidbits of information but still get overwhelmed when I've gone and done a few laps and go back to the garage in knowing what to try first. I know it will take a long time of tweaking, doing laps, re-tweaking, doing more laps etc etc till I get something that feels right to me, but would love I resource I can digest and refer back to that will lead me in the right direction to fix specific car behaviours. Even just a cheat sheet that has car issues and a list of things to try and fix that I could use start to see what changes work the best for specific issues that I could refer to till I got it down and don't need it anymore.

I guess I should have taken automotive class in high school back in the day lol.


14-02-2018, 07:00
First thing's first:


There are cheat sheets around. You don't want to change too many things at once, or you lose track of what parameter had what effect.

Some things have a greater effect on balance than others: spring balance changes have a much bigger effect than swaybars, for example. Damping has a more subtle effect. It's all a balancing act.

Have a search: there are cheat sheets about on this forum.

14-02-2018, 20:32
Thanks hkraft300. Great video, I'm going to check SafeisFast's youtube for more! I guess as I start trying to work with setups I'll learn what has the biggest effect etc. Just going to take me longer while I learn;-)