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14-02-2018, 15:10
I read a guide about Field of View (FoV) and experimented a little bit with mine to see if it really does make a difference. It does!
I am currently trying to figure out what the right FoV should be for my combination of screen and position, but what i am struggling with, is the speed sensitivity.

If i set this to off, then all is great, but i'd like to have it turned off, because it makes sense to change this depending on speed.

When i turn speed sensitivity on for the FoV, it puts the camera right through the front screen, so that I can only see the wipers. This happens despite me setting the minimum FoV of the speed sensitivity to the same as my normal FoV (that works well when speed sensitivity is off).

It is as if when i turn the speed sensitivity on, it makes the angle 10-20 digrees narrower even though it is set to the same as it set on the cockpit view.

Any ideas or feedback on what i may be doing wrong here?
(this is on Xbox btw. Also i have checked that it is the correct camera view, as i did notice, that it will just to the default chosen camera once adjusted)

14-02-2018, 18:38
Min and Max on the speed sensitivity fov are percentages. Set minimum to 100 to have the same as your normal fov.

14-02-2018, 18:46
The min/max sensitivity settings are the FOV min/max that will be displayed and the 2 speed settings set the min FOV = min speed / max FOV = max speed
The min is used at your slowest speed before or at corner entry and the max at your top speed - your preference. The difference in min/max speed - and the difference in min/max FOV together control how much and how quickly the FOV changes

what I ended up liking was
set the min speed sensitivity = cockpit/helmet FOV (your was not, causing the change in view) and the max +15
match the min sensitive speed to slowest corner or avg slowest speed for that circuit and set the max about 40-50 mph higher on avg . With super fast cars and long straights I may set the max a bit higher or equal to top speed.

I think you could set the min FOV to be lower than your helmet/cockpit FOV and make it work but i don't see the point in that really..

22-05-2018, 19:30
I would be really interested to see this guide and find out what the optimum settings would be for my particular setup. So if anyone can point me in its direction it would be appreciated. Cheers.

23-05-2018, 09:22
If you want totally accurate fov speed sensitive fov needs to be off.

I find the faked movements can interfere with my appreciation of the car's balance.

In real life your fov does decrease when excitement levels rise and adrenalin is released but the effect in the game adds little to my driving and if anything makes it slower.

SRC Brian
06-06-2018, 07:57

I have a 40" 4k screen 22 inch from my eyes
That's 76 on calculator on normal 1080 but 84 on 4k. As long as you are not way over it should feel very natural.

SRC Brian
06-06-2018, 08:08
For other games like Assetto view is calculated in the vertical so my 84 setting on pc2 translates to 54 in Assetto calculator below