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16-02-2018, 06:18
I did a 60 lap race at Daytona tonight in stock cars, 31 AI, 65 difficulty, 85 aggression...

The good - The AI is much, much better. Really improved, particularly when things spread out. Congrats on that! Seriously, it's pretty damn fun.

Some problems:

The AI is *too* good in qualifying, sort of. They set really fast lap times in the first couple laps and then most of them wreck and retire. If I remember right, most of them were setting 45 second-ish laptimes at this difficulty and the IRL qualifying time that year was 45.8. The initial speed isn't fun because there feels like there is literally nothing you can do to shave time off. My guess is their first laps were in a draft but I honestly don't know.

Also, not sure what is up with the pits but the AI is still sideways and crooked in the pits or just stopped at weird angles

The AI is really, really bad in the parade lap. It's sort of pointless because there is almost always a wreck when the cars try to get up to speed right before the start.

AI probably doesn't pit quickly enough on damage but... see the note below...

Engine damage: even with a wide open radiator, you take engine damage even without any other damage or without significant drafting. On the "loose" setup with a 50% radiator, you take about .5% per lap assuming no other damage and you *do not* redline your engine. I can understand if you are in a draft or if you redline your engine, but it doesn't seem like you should take damage just driving. I'm going to try to replicate this at non-race speeds, but it happened pretty consistently.

One final note: I know this was controversial but... racing ovals like this gets sort of silly (but fun) if there is no yellow flag/pace car/field reset. I get it, no one wants to drive four or five yellow flag laps but when five or six cars are spinning around and the track looks like a car parts store exploded... then you've got AI limping trying to make it to the pits... or when you've taken significant damage that would cause a caution IRL but you've basically got to take a long green flag pit. It just sort of isn't realistic compared to actual strategy. I wish there was an option for this and, perhaps, it could be truncated somehow so a player wouldn't end up driving five yellow flag laps. I dunno.

16-02-2018, 06:57
Are u drafting in Q? They do.

16-02-2018, 19:02
Are u drafting in Q? They do.

I was not because I’m typically fiddling around with setup. I’m going to rerun the same scenario for qualifying to see what times they are setting at 100% difficulty, but it seems artificial. If I get time, I’ll rerun it again and try drafting myself.

16-02-2018, 19:19
you pretty much need to draft on ovals to get competetive quali times.

16-02-2018, 21:44
Would be interesting to know, if they are going to add a caution flag

16-02-2018, 21:52
Would be interesting to know, if they are going to add a caution flag

'local' yellows are in the game, but as far as a full course yellow, highly highly highly highly highly unlikely.