View Full Version : Ultra realistic GT4 racing at the Red Bull Ring

Mark Race
16-02-2018, 10:23
Racing games are at their best when they bring me as close to the real action, feel and true performance of the car they are simulating. With the v4 patch and latest AI I found something truly realistic with this GT4 class race at the Red Bull Ring. The lap times of the cars are as good as perfectly matched to the real 2017 GT4 European Series Red Bull Ring race, full results and times here https://north.gt4series.com/calendar/event/4 with laps in the 1:38.3 - 1:42 range. The in game setting to achieve these times was 92% AI and 100% aggression to keep the action close. It is just so good that the player is able to match these real lap times with a bit of effort and minimal setup changes and that the car feels real to drive.


The real race results

It's more than just lap times of course, the racing is close and exciting and feels superb, especially in Rift VR, here is a short 4 lap version of the race (to keep the video file sizes reasonable) to show just how good the action is. The way the AI fight back after they are overtaken is just brilliant, they don't give up and punish the players mistakes.


Doug and his team have produced some seriously stunning AI work here, I just have to thank them for their effort and being willing to listen to feedback to continue to improve the game.

Is the Project CARS 2 AI up there with the best racing games now? I think at v4 it is. While the v3 AI was much improved there was one game that had slightly better AI, better at taking the first corner and providing a closer fight with the player. Now, Project CARS 2 has caught up and in many ways surpassed what was the best AI out there. I've put together a side by side so the comparison there for you to see, both games produce real lap times, both sets of AI fight hard and fair.


Where Project CARS 2 clearly has the edge is the range of GT4 cars in the game, the clarity and draw distance in VR and the more visceral sound. The AI are now a match for any game I've experienced and I think they will get better yet. Are the AI as good as racing similarly skilled friends in multiplayer, no not quite that human fallibility is something yet to be captured but blimey the AI are getting close now.

Most of all though this game delivers both a realistic and thrilling experience and that is exactly what I, and I'm sure, many others want from a game like this.

If you've found similar realistic combinations post them up so we can give them a go.