View Full Version : CrewChief or Project Cars?

Richie Padalino
16-02-2018, 12:43
So, I have a question here, so I can then know where to direct my query.

So, for example, I'll be pulling out of the pits, and there's no one on track, but there is someone in the pits, and CrewChief will tell me something along the lines of, "be careful, traffic approaching", when there isn't, its just the car in the pits.

Is there not a way for it to disregard the cars that are in the pits?

Also, does anyone else get time splits of CrewChief saying you're for example 29 seconds down in sector 2, when you're the only car so far in a lobby? And no time has even been set.

Are these two things a CrewChief thing, or a Project Cars thing? If you get what I mean?