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16-02-2018, 22:59
Posting this in here but please feel free to move it if it needs to be moved.

doing time trial yesterday, i can across a little issue, the coloured visual for the tires does not match the tire temps. driving around COTA on the straights the colouring would indicate positive camber, but the temps indicate negative camber, which is what i run, about -3 to -3.5. i could understand the right rear possibly having the outside edge heating up from the previous corner. anyone else seeing this.


17-02-2018, 06:22
I agree the outside appears to have a bit of a reddish hue. However I think it is an optical illusion al issue. When you cover the inside, the outside color looks okay and actually deeper green than the inside.

Next to thist all: change tires to hard! The tires are way too hot. Soft tires on daylight summer conditions are almost always to soft. The softs behave like soft French cheese when they are above100 degrees.

The pressures are good, keep it at about 1.8 when hot.

After going with the hards reassess the Temps. A common rule of thumb is: keep the average temperature difference between the inside and outside at 5 degrees. So you are not far off.

21-02-2018, 11:13
The light green colour is actually the one before it goes brown and then red, in other words that marks the good temperature limit before it goes brown.

Weird decision choices are weird, we know. It should go from green to darker colours to avoid confusions.

22-02-2018, 21:00
Also you appear to be cooking your rears more, even if you do change your tires, increase the power ramp on the clutch diff by 5 or 10 degrees, the coast by 5(or 10, I found the coast ramp to be way too agressive on the porsche gt3 for my liking) as well, and see how you like that.

23-02-2018, 02:11
I am not asking about car setups. I am just questioning the temp colouring on the tyres. It does not seem right to me and does not do it with the other cars I have tried