View Full Version : Mclaren 650s gt3 on Laguna Seca

17-02-2018, 10:43
I'm currently racing the above combo in time trial. My best lap time is 1.27.065 and I'm struggling to see how other drivers are making it in the 1.22's.

One thing I've noticed is that you cannot change the final drive on this car and on this track I'm not moving out of 5th gear in the biggest straight.

As the car has 6 gears am I right to suggest the gear ratio for 5th gear should the same as it is for 6th and gears 1 to 4 aligned accordingly for a better fit to track or just drive with the gears as they are?

If this assumption is right could anyone suggest anything with the alignment ratios please as I just can't seem to get anything workable as I'm not knowledgeable in this area?


17-02-2018, 12:16
Hi, the 650S restrictor was reduced with Patch 3.0, the best time with the current Patch 4.0 is 1:22.746, 0.747 slower. This isn't your problem though. Here is a setup to answer your Gear questions. This is a TT run so Hard tires only.

17-02-2018, 13:24
All of the top TT runs I have checked are using the above Gears. I found 1 different Gear setup that is just over 1 second slower than the WR.

17-02-2018, 13:57
Fantastic, thanks for help. I'll be sure to try it out

17-02-2018, 16:59
Its still possible to do the 21's, that was done without much effort for the AOR season 8 Time Trials. By the time the race came round with a lot more effort and setup work I equaled it after patch 3 killed the McLarens power. So you can for sure still get into the 21's as I don't think patch 4 changed the McLaren at all? Work on your line as its so important after patch 3 to be on the power as early as possible in the McLaren.