View Full Version : AI setups and qualify-race differences

18-02-2018, 03:29
I'm finally enjoying the game after patch 4.0. But there are a few things that don't seem right.

I created a post mounths ago. I was testing the difficulty under 80% (so no setups changes for the AI). At Le Mans i come out of chicanes faster, better acceleration but the AI cars reach crazy top speeds. They can gain seconds over the default loose and stable setups. No assists, same car, level under 80, better corner exit, lower fuel, no slipstream. How can they do it at the second halves of straights? I've read a lot of other posts about it. From my expericence it is a Le Mans only and LMPs thing.

I'm noticing a huge discrepancy at Indy between qualify and race. I can beat easly the pole time just changing the radiators settings.

Do the AI change things other than fuel and tyres in qualify (under 80)? Do they run specific setups for Mans even under 80?

Since day one i hope for a patch with an indipendent settings (ai changing setups based on a specific option in the menu instead of beeing related to difficulty levels).

Are they running on release day setups? I'm not sure they are using the same setup of the user...