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18-02-2018, 10:08
During the leaderboard challenge, a wrong "best time" is displayed

Example : Imola was driven by me with a Ford GT LM GTE in Leaderbord. Currently I drive the same track with a Porsche GT4 Cayman. If I now drive in the leaderboard with this Porsche, my displayed "best time" will be my Ford-time, but not the Porsche time.

18-02-2018, 10:28
Yeah the game basically shows the fastest time driven with a car of the same "class".
The game spilts the classes into gt,lmp,.. (Not gt3,gte,gt1 etc.)though which is quite annoying

18-02-2018, 13:11
That means also, that your potential is that from another car :blue:

18-02-2018, 14:02
Yeah and makes the feature quite uselss until its fixed