View Full Version : How much has racing against AI on rain improved with Patch 4.0?

18-02-2018, 10:57
Since the "imminent" Patch 4.0 still needs to grace us Xbox peasants owners, and since I read in the patch notes that there were some tweaks to the AI's behaviour in rain conditions, I'd like to hear directly from PC and PS4 users if these changes are as noticeable as I'd hope or not, so I can set my expectations accordingly once the patch drops. :D
So, are the AI's lap times more similar to the player's ones now? In particular, have found situations where before the patch the AI was unnecessarily slow compared to the player, or where the AI was so unnaturally fast you wanted to rip your hair out, that are now fixed?
In my experience, road cars are the worst offenders, since the AI is so fast and smooth with them, even though they lack wet tyres!
I really hope there have been some improvements to these road classes! :(