View Full Version : AI co-driver needs more love in next patches

19-02-2018, 14:05
Yesterday i was doing multi-hours races at Le Mans and Spa. The AI tried a kamikaze move at Porche Curves on a lapped LMP2 and crashed for a 100% rear damage. Laps after he got disqualified for speeding into the pit.

The AI co-driver is my favourite feature of PC1/2. I hope it will get more love going forward. Not only with penalties but also with on-track behaviour. I don't expect him to win races but at least not to lose them.

The pit-lane issue is going to be fix. But the on-track behaviour scares me the most. What are you experiencing? Was i very unlucky to have him crashing in 2 of the 3 races or this is the actual state of the AI co-driver?

20-02-2018, 09:47
Ai co-driver is a freakin crazy bumper car lover. He really like to destroys other cars back. And go to pits for repair... then go playing bumper cars again.

20-02-2018, 16:48

what i also noticed is that the AI driver seems to do the automatic pits stops only when running out of fuel, not when the tyres are completely worn out (when the weather is changing and he needs rain tyres, he pits automatically). And i can't abort a pit request for the ai. When i'm "aborting" the pit stop, the ai driver doesn't seem to care and pits anyway? Is there a way to prevent this?