View Full Version : Ferrari 488 GT3 Tyre Wear

19-02-2018, 18:16
What can I change in the set-up to help preserve my tyres?Thanks.

19-02-2018, 18:36
what track? what are the track conditions? what are your tire temps?

19-02-2018, 18:38
what track? what are the track conditions? what are your tire temps?

All tracks,dry weather,my tyre temps are in the green.If it helps I am on controller.

Most useful track right now for me would be Nurburgring GP though.Thanks.

19-02-2018, 18:42
are you using soft or hard tires? track temp will dictate (usually) what tire to run. sub 30C you *should* be able to run softs. above that, go with hards.

what are your HOT pressures? should be 1.8ish Bar.

19-02-2018, 18:46
Generally speaking, making the suspension softer should help. Also, Camber and Toe changes can help slightly. Extreme Steering Ratios can cause excessive wear, and is probably the primary contributing factor to excessive tire wear based on the tunes I see people try in the Time Trials. That is, if you're trying to race with a TT tune, of course.

But, honestly, I've not seen anything in any of the GT cars to suggest tire wear is significantly influenced by setup changes as most of it is simply driving style. Or over driving. If you set the car up in such a way that it Understeers and you crank the wheel to force the car to turn, that will cause the tires to wear more quickly. Or vice versa if you set it up so the rear slides around, you can cause the rears to wear more quickly. Blessed are the balanced.

20-02-2018, 19:05
I think it may be just the Nurburgring GP,as a little more explroing makes me think Turn 1 there is the culprit for despite not locking up.

Jussi Karjalainen
21-02-2018, 19:21
Softer suspension, more downforce, and a well balanced setup, combined with calm and accurate steering. More downforce and softer suspension both tend to increase grip and reduce slipping (not sliding, but small slippage), which usually leads to less tyre wear. Well balanced setup means the car will easily turn into the direction you point it to and you're not scrubbing your tyres all the time. If your front tyres are wearing out very quickly compared to your rear tyres, you might benefit from a more oversteery setup, reducing the strain on the fronts by making the car more eager to turn. And calm and accurate steering is obviously related, not steering more than you need to in any given corner and using the controls smoothly will enable you to drive less understeery setups without stability issues, and prolong your tyre life. Even with wheels a lot of people constantly use too much steering lock during turns, pushing them past their peak grip, wearing them down and not getting anything out of it (usually actually getting less out of it). This one can be a big help all by itself.

22-02-2018, 07:26
I find tire wear is reduced quite a bit after 10 laps. Many times I have done a 20lap online race, usually GT3 as that is what most people play and using a hard tire by lap 10 I am understeering all over the place and really struggling to maintain my laptimes from the previous laps, but a quick pit stop to new hard tires fixes it and I am back up to speed again. Tire wear was only a 1/4 used at this point.