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Jaco P.
20-02-2018, 07:22

Does Overwolf (using for TeamSpeak overlay) work with Project Cars 2?

It is not on a supported games list and I tried it is not working...BUT if someone maybe managed to find some solution to make it work?


22-02-2018, 16:31
Hey there,

My name is Or Manor I'm the head of tech support at Overwolf, nice to meet :)

Currently, Project Cars 2 isn't supported.
You can view the full list of supported games on our webpage.

We are always adding new games to Overwolf so keep checking for updates!
We also have a game request site for players to vote on what games they want us to support.
If your game is not on the list - Please post it on this thread in our forums.

Feel free to talk to me if there are any other issues you need solving.

*note - I can't post link in this post sorry