View Full Version : Wet surface at rainy weather inside the Dirtfish Mills

21-02-2018, 19:37
At Dirtfish, there are two Mills: One that is being used in every layout and the other one that is only being used at the Mill Run Course. In both, however, the surface is wet at rainy weather, though no water should hit the ground. Actually, it doesn't even do that visually, since there are no drops on the front window or the camera inside the Mills. The ground, however, is wet - both visually and in terms of physics, as can be seen in the following video:


David Slute
21-02-2018, 22:09
I thought it was a bit odd at first too, than I did a quick google search of the track and found a few photos that showed a few panels missing in the roof. There for during raining conditions water could get in and would spread as the cars drove through, you can also see several openings in the roof starting at the 30 sec mark of your video
In the link below there is a picture or 2 with a wet ground inside while its not raining so the roof more than likely leaks like a sieve lol



22-02-2018, 04:54
That's interesting, I didn't know that! Thank you! :)

However, I still think there shouldn't be that much water all over the ground in the beginning of a session. If you look at the amount of spray and how much the water influences your driving, I guess there is the same ground saturation inside and outside right now. I know that livetrack 3.0 is capable of spreading water when cars are driving through the water, so wouldn't it be great to have only single puddles inside at the beginning and the main parts are dry? Livetrack 3.0 and the drivers will take care of the rest then, just like IRL :)