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22-02-2018, 16:18
hi guys

I have a somewhat little problem that I can't resolve: in the TCR class, I use the Opel Astra. I know, it's an FF car and the Megane is better. or the BMW. but those 2 cars doesn't interest me. I like to be different than the others :D anyway. my problem is, no matter what I do in the setup, the car slides everytime I brake or release the brake pedal. I don't know if it is the same for the other FF cars in the class, but I can't seem to find the correct setup to stabilize the rear under braking. I already tried to put the Megane setup in the Astra. it drives already better and just a bit faster but still, that braking ovesteer is annoying. someone can help?

thanks in advance

22-02-2018, 18:22
Those FWD TC cars were easily destabilized when the game was out, but after a couple patches they became much more planted, not seeing the effect you describe. Could it be your pressures are very low or high or the tires are still very cold? If any of that happens, yes you would have trouble like that, but this is common for all cars.

One other thing, the default brake bias setting for those cars is too much to the front, so it is extremely easy to lock the front wheels under braking. If you also try to steer while the fronts are locked, you will not be turning and you might be applying even more steering. As a result, when you stop braking (and the wheels are not locked anymore), you will find yourself with a lot of sudden steering and grip on the fronts, which will cause a very abrupt turn of the car.

But, in general, those cars have much lift off oversteer (especially in high speeds), not oversteer when braking or throttling.

22-02-2018, 18:59
that's wierd because that's exactly what I have. on both cold and hot tyres. I brake, at medium to high speed and the rear starts to slide. I release the brake and the car gets sideways. maybe I'm too agressive on the brake, but as I use an hydraulic brake, it's quite strange

Jussi Karjalainen
22-02-2018, 20:14
FWD racing cars are designed with both lift oversteer and really rearwards brake bias, as well as a rock stiff rear end, to overcome their inherent understeer issues. Learning to use that inherent oversteer when not on the throttle to your advantage and adjusting the balance of the car with your inputs is often the key to being fast with them.

You don't really smooth them into corners off throttle like you would an RWD car, as soon as you want to do anything other than slow down you should have pressure on the throttle to pull the front of the car along. If you need to turn sharper, lift the throttle a bit, if it's rotating too much, give it more gas. If you're in a high speed bend and don't want to get off the power, you can tap the brakes while keeping the throttle on.

However if you still want less oversteer under these conditions, there are some things you can do, e.g. reducing engine braking compensation (i.e. higher engine braking number, low gives you more engine braking), moving the brake bias forwards, or increasing the front coast locking amount (i.e. reduce the angle, 20 degrees gives you maximum locking, 90 degrees is fully open).

22-02-2018, 20:47
ok. I'll try those things. thanks Jussi :)

23-02-2018, 13:00
i found the issue: the rear tyres had too much pressure in the default setup. for the amount of weight that the rear has, the rear tyres can't heat with the 1,55 bar. so, I reduced it by around 0.10 br and the car slides less in cold tyres, the rear gets hotter and it almost doesn't slide anymore

Jussi Karjalainen
23-02-2018, 15:59
Oh yeah that's a good way to tune it too, great that you found it. =)

FWIW IRL touring cars like these struggle getting any heat into the rears too. Often on races where there are two sessions one after the other, they'll swap the fronts and rears so that they can start the second race with tyres that are still slightly warmed from the first session, because there's not that much they can do about it otherwise.

24-02-2018, 18:27
Curious as to knowing if the Renault Megane has been slowed since release? Any feedback is appreciated thanks.

24-02-2018, 23:47
Yes, it has been slowed down a lot, something like 2 seconds or more per lap.

It was justified to do it, because it was by far the fastest in its class, just wish the leaderboards for this car where reset now, so it makes sense again to do some TT laps with it...

Now its speed is very balanced with the BMW, and the other cars in the class are close. Only thing is that the BMW has a lot better race starts (being RWD), so even if you get pole with the Megane in online, you're guaranteed to be 4th by T1 :)

25-02-2018, 08:49
the megane is as fast as the astra. I know it because I raced against the megane in my astra. I had the same stock setup than the megane in it. it's mainsly the weight distribution. but I think that there's one or two settings more to change on the astra

25-02-2018, 11:06
Yeah it needed to be slowed down a bit, my problem is that on the TT i did some good laps with Default Setup because i was hoping that i would get some good competition on default because i see it as equal an it's just down to the driver.

At Donnington National i set a time of 1.09.6 with Default an couple people have beating it with Setup, i dont mind being slower than someone, but what is annoying is that i'll never get to know what time i could get with a tuned setup.

I play on PS4 atm so i understand the data to seperate files is probably to much, but i'd like to see individual leaderboards for Tuned an Stock Lap Records.

I seen it mentioned previous about the FF Car handling, i dont know what it is but i really i enjoyed the Touring Cars on game release, on the brake you had to be smooth on an off the brake, it was a balancing act of release the brake for the amount of turn in required, now it just seems understeery to me, i feel like the rear doesnt get light, before the last corner on Brands Indy was a great corner of rear axle lock on inside an slightest but of oversteer now its very bland.

25-02-2018, 13:54
Yeah, I agree, it was fantastic driving those cars when the game was released, at least after getting used to their handling. It was great using throttle modulation to balance it between oversteer/understeer while cornering.

Not that much fun anymore, I suspect they were tamed down quite a bit so they are easier to drive, but lost that "something" they had. I still enjoy racing with them though, and fortunately lately there are enough people using them in multiplayer.

06-08-2018, 20:53
I have just been playing around with the four Touring Cars on Spa. The Mercedes and Opel are more or less identical. I was about a second a lap slower in the BMW. But the Renault was over 1.5s a lap faster than the Mercedes and Opel! I don't understand where the extra pace is coming from. The spring and damper rates are pretty much the same as the Mercedes and Opel. The power and weight are identical to the Mercedes. And they all use the same tires. I would expect the Renault to be pretty much the same as the other FF cars, so I don't understand why it's so much faster.

11-09-2018, 14:31
I just wish they hadn't let this category die to bring in more useless old cars. WTCR and TCR in general are worldwide and still nothing from SMS on it. Just one TCR car thats not even the fastest like the GTI/RS3/I20.

So dissapointing

11-09-2018, 23:39
I too used the opel astra VXR, (its josh cooks car in BTCC)

And I use it because its a nice change from RWD, To help you with your sliding rear end problem, dependant upon the track keep rear downforce to either 1 o 3, Increase rear toe in to about 0.5 or 0.6, I reduced the front ARB as low as it could go, and the rear one I kept it as low as possible, again it depends on the track.

Also the rear end sliding sometimes to me was a god send to help it around the corners, you need to think about turning the corner before you get to it, and slow down that bit more than you usually would.

I could beat the megane and BMW on a lot of tracks with AI @ 100%.