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25-02-2018, 14:45
Hi im just starting a career with the formula Rooke 1st race at Knockhill. My tt pb for this is .58 something

I started my career with ai set to 70 and they are setting 57's and 58's in practice and quali. I was happy with this as i would to push myself for a mid position.

However when i run, i cant get anywhere near my pb and im lapping at over at the minuete bracket when i can actually comolete the lap. Im all over the place.

The tyres are up to optimal pressure after a few laps but my temperatures are in the 40's. I believe optimal temp is 80 to 100?

My quali period is only 15 mins and there is no way i can heat the tyres anywhere near to go hot (Theyre green on icon but my telemetry is saying 40-45.

Do i lower the psi for more contact patch and take the hit on psi?

Just not sure as i just cant compete as car is a different beast than in time trial.

25-02-2018, 14:51
Are you able to close the brake ducts?

25-02-2018, 14:51
Remember that the track conditions probably won't match the tt conditions

25-02-2018, 15:25
Are you able to close the brake ducts?

I don't think you can in a Rookie.

@tank621 yeah I understand the conditions won't match but ultimately if the aim is to get tyres into the optimal range how do I do this on a track like this where they just won't go anywhere near it? As a result the car is very difficult to drive.

I suppose my only chance is to significantly drop the psi to get better grip and hotter temperature however that may be negated by slower times due to the low psi.

Not really sure what I'm aiming for here.

I had a quick look at tt for the track. The track temp is not too much different but the tyres start at 90 which is quite a difference. They start to drop the longer you lap but I usually restart when I slide off and hit a wall anyway.

I've no idea how to get these tyres anywhere near 90 from cold let alone keep them there

25-02-2018, 18:39
You don't need to worry about getting them to 90, getting them up to 60-odd is more than enough (though a bit more doesn't hurt, obviously!). I've just run that qualifying session at my normal AI settings of 80/60 and I needed aboiut 3 laps to get up to speed. Don't try to go flat out straight out of the pits, build up speed through the first few laps.

Knowing the track well is really important - it helps that I must have done hundreds of laps with this combination during development, it's one of my personal favourites. If it's useful, here's my first few laps out of the pits with the telemetry hud on, so you can see what's happening with the tyres - the 3rd lap was enough for pole, with the tyres at around 50. I'm using the default loose setup.


25-02-2018, 21:14
Thanks Greg, that lap was awesome. I'll study your video. You made it seem easy but I know how difficult the car is to thrash around that track.

Thanks for the help

25-02-2018, 21:31
Thanks Greg, that lap was awesome. I'll study your video. You made it seem easy but I know how difficult the car is to thrash around that track.

Thanks for the help

Thanks - though in the scheme of things that's a pretty average lap I'm afraid :). Couple of tips for the Rookie in general - until you get a feel for it, avoid trail braking. Get your braking done in a straight line, then turn in. It feels slow, but it means you can get on the power much earlier - and that's the second tip. Get on the power as early as possible, it counters the tendency of the car to snap on you by getting weight back over the rear wheels.

Once you get used to it you'll find can actually trail brake a bit but you need to be bleeding off the brakes as you turn in, then getting hard on the power to get it straightened up. It's a tricksy little car but I love it, it's really satisfying once you get the hang of it - you don't need massive power and loads of aero to make a fun car :D. Though for the very first race in career if you choose the Rookie , I have to say it's a combo that's challenging for the beginner!

26-02-2018, 01:40
I am eternally confused myself... found out in this forum about tyre pressures and temps and had miraculous improvement. but then I loose it. experiment with wings and all sorts of things and different results. also depends on my mood (and physical pain problems in one leg). criticising the defaults as well. but now this week at least those work well and temps are down and all is fine. brake tips above are good, and that is also something tweaked that has given good results lately.
brf setting (the last one) on the Fanatec F1 wheel, brake force in game settings, brake balance of course, manual calibration in fanatec windows game properties... all have an impact on braking, as does wing settings. that, braking, is probably more important, as long as there is adequate traction, I have found. but then again, I could be of a different opinion next month.
formula renault these days, though I might get game and go back to FA. keeping up with 100% but sometimes (usually by lap 10) make some fatal mistake.