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26-02-2018, 10:45
Hi guys this is a discussion thread about what you would've put in each of the DLCs for Project CARS 2 if you had the choice.All launch content would stay the same but all DLC content would no longer be in the game.The amount of DLCs,launch date and amount of content will stay the same so you can't just put whatever is in the car and track request threads and actually have to think about it.

Just a quick reminder:
September 2017=4 cars
September 2017=4 cars
December 2017=8 cars,2 tracks
March 2018=9 cars,1 track
June 2018=9 cars,1 track
September 2018=8 cars,2 tracks

Listed below is the most popular overall conclusion of the community:

John Hargreaves
26-02-2018, 11:54
Sounds a whole lot like a car request thread incoming, waheey. I'd go for a 1950s pack, Jaguar D-Type, Merc 300 SLR, that sort of thing.

26-02-2018, 12:15
I'd try to do either an IMSA (yes i know Forza has the rights) or a 2016 WEC pack. Get the 3 2016 Spec LMP1's (rumored for Le Mans pack), 911 RSR (Porsche Pack), and the Oreca 05 LMP2.

26-02-2018, 12:21
In my opinion the Le mans pack is the perfect dlc (old le mans layout, legend le mans cars) I will not change it apart the Jaguar D-type and the Mazda 787b, I just hope it will be the 70s track.

26-02-2018, 12:25
Well, half of it we donīt know for sure what is to come yet. Maybe Iīd do it all exactly the same.

What I preferred with PC1 was a monthly release of DLCs though. That was keeping up the hype much more IMO. I know this is no answer on the OP ("The amount of DLCs,launch date and amount of content will stay the same") but overall I am quite happy with the choice itself so far. Not every single car to my personal likings (RX), but a good choice to serve most people more or less.

26-02-2018, 13:13
We have two requests threads... One for cars, one for tracks. We don't need another..