View Full Version : Buttkicker Gamer 2 Operation questions

27-02-2018, 00:34
Just got and installed a ButtKicker Gamer 2 and have a few questions.
So in order to get the "full signal" from the game, I have Window's volume up to 100 and the hardware level knob on my speakers down to about 20%.
The signal is fed into the buttkicker through a stereo splitter(both ends of the split send a stereo signal) on the same connection as the speakers.
I have the Master Volume of pCars2 set to about 65, so that I can hear the Crew Chief software running in the background.
The buttkicker is mounted to the buttkicker adapter on my Next Level Racing GT Ultimate cockpit.
The only time I really feel anything is if the signal is clipping:
*Is it okay to clip? The manual makes no mention of whether of not this is good or bad.
*Will clipping damage the transducer? (see the previous question)
*should I have the LFE channel running in the Audio options?
*Are my expectations too high? Is the vibration supposed to be this subtle?